Various Packages and Cost of Services

We offer a variety of packages to suit your budget and needs. To maintain complete transparency with you, we have tried to clearly outline the details of each of our packages in the table below. First 3 packages are ideal for flat and office space owners. Plot package is designed for individuals who have invested in empty plots. Payments can be done by electronic transfer or by sending a cheque by courier to our Noida office.

   Package 1
( Silver)
Most popular!!
 Package 2
 Package 3
 Plot Package
 Yearly cost ( 12.36% govt service tax extra)  Rs. 15,000 /yr  Rs. 29,000 /yr Rs 95,000 /yr  Rs. 24,000 / yr
 Visit to your property  YES  YES  YES  YES
 Frequency of visit  Once in 2 months  Once in 2 months  Once in 2 months Once a month
 Inspection report / construction updates  YES  YES  YES  YES
 Complementary Bill Pay visits Electricity/Water  0  12  12  0
 Additional complementary visits (for unplanned needs)  4  2 10  6
 Video/Photo of your property YES YES YES YES
 Short summary of developments near your area YES YES YES YES
 Rent cheque collection and deposit in your bank NO YES YES NO
 Deposit annual society fees if located in same complex YES YES YES YES
 Complementary advice to hold or sell the property   1 time /yr  1 time  /yr  2 times /yr  2 times /yr
 Maximum round-trip time spent per visit  4 hours 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
 Contact local area brokers to rent out your property NO NO YES NO
 Show unit to prospective tenants (when local broker calls) NO NO YES NO
Suitable for – Rented out units
– Empty units
– Under Construction units
– For NRI’s
– Units where
elderly parents
are living and
cannot deposit
bills by
– Empty units
that need
monthly bill
– Empty units
that need to
be rented out.
cost extra.
– Empty plots
– Farm lands
– Farm houses


Pay-Per Visit Plan

 Additional Property Inspection  Rs. 2000 per visit
 All other tasks (bills, cheque collection etc.)  Rs. 2000 for 4 hour roundtrip


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