Noida and Noida Expressway Property Management


October 28, 2014

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Propmac can take care of almost all types of properties located in Noida region. Please review your packages and services to check which one suits your needs.


Noida has the second best infrastructure in Delhi NCR ( first being Greater Noida). But due to its location and close vicinity to Delhi, Noida enjoys a huge strategic advantage and prices of projects far exceed to that of Greater Noida peers.

Noida Property Care

Noida Property Map

Considering location, infrastructure, gentry and prices, Noida offers the overall best value for money among cities which touch Delhi border. Core sectors of Noida are fully developed, have a great connectivity to Delhi, low crime rates and overall a great place to live. Majority of new construction in Noida is along Noida-Greater Noida expressway and in 32, 74, 78, 79, 107, 137 and 144 sectors. Its said that if someone sells his single apartment in New Delhi, they can get 2-3 new apartments in descent townships of Noida, yet stay close to New Delhi. Noida enjoys excellent Metro/Train and road connectivity with Delhi. Not just Dilliwallas, it is a dream of every wealthy resident of U.P. to own a property in Noida. Huge malls, Golf course, markets and excellent food options are a big attraction in Noida. Propmac caters property management services to almost entire Noida.


Noida unsold inventory

Noida unsold inventory

Unfortunately due to the current slowdown in entire Indian real estate market, a lot of investors are not being able to sell their property for huge gains in a short period. All these properties/flats are now either lying vacant or are being used to generate rental income. Regardless of the reason, owners of these properties are stuck with maintaining and inspection of these properties themselves. Although these properties still carry potential of good return in a long term, regular visits to maintain these properties have caused a lot of inconvenience and an added expense to property owners.

If you are an owner of an unsupervised plot, then most likely your plot has already become a dumping ground of all sort of garbage and possibly a ‘roadie’ has made a temporary shelter on it. It is important to discourage such activity in the initial stages before it becomes too late. Consider making boundary wall on it and putting a big/bold name sign to deter such activity.

Older sectors of Noida like Sectors 50, 51, 41, 40, 39, 15, 15A, 29, 27, 33, 61,44, 37 etc.. are fully developed sectors. Sectors like 47, 48, 105, 93 A, 107, 122, 72 etc can also be classified as the most upcoming areas. Sectors along Noida expressway and around 74, 78 etc ..are also coming up in a big way although it will be a while before they become fully habitable as most projects are under construction or have been delayed due to slowness in the real estate market.

We can regularly inspect the property in Noida depending on the package you select and periodically tell you the latest developments happening in the area. There are many other services that we offer, please review our packages and see which one gits you the best.














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