FAQ – Questions Regarding Property Management Service

Question: What is the thought behind this service?
Answer: Relying on relatives or friends for your property inspections is almost impossible. Someone may inspect your property couple of times and then you become a pain for them. Not only the property is left in the dark but your relation with that relative also goes for a toss. Eventually you will be left all by yourself to travel all the way to check the state of your property, take time off from work, leave family behind, incur expenses like air-tickets, taxi and hotel expenses too. Quite possible that a single visit of yours will exceed our all year service cost. A service like ours will also give you courage and confidence to buy property in Delhi NCR even if you do not stay in this area. Getting an advice from a local real estate expert will assist you in making crucial buy-sell decisions as well.

Question: Who keeps my keys?
Answer: You, your friend or your relative keeps it .We will take the key from them and drop off the same day after inspecting your property.  Please try to keep the pickup location closest to your property. If you have no relative or friend around the rental property, we can consider keeping your keys after our management’s approval. If your apartment is rented out then this becomes a non-issue as your tenant’s keep it.

Question: Do you guarantee that you will take care of my property from all aspects?
Answer: We will surely do inspections, provide video/photos, update you regarding developments in the area etc.. Any service that is not included in your package will be at our discretion, availability and is chargeable.

Question: What if the maximum round trip spent per visit exceeds 4 hours?
Answer: We charge you for another trip. If you have complementary trips remaining, we deduct from there.

Question: Besides Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida, do you consider managing properties in Faridabad, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida too?
Answer: Yes, on case by case basis.

Question: Are your charges negotiable?
Answer: No. These are the bare minimum charges. Volume based discount of 10% is offered for over 3 properties.

Question: Can you help me in buying, selling or renting out my property?
Answer: Property management is a very time consuming and labour intensive business, so we do not perform these additional services directly. But we have several trusted partners in each region who should be able to assist you in that matter. By purchasing an additional visit (of if you have a complementary visit remaining), our representative can even survey the area and help you get in touch with the local property agents who operate in this area.

Question: What is your refund policy?
Answer: If there is a genuine reason for service cancellation (ex: you have sold off your property) then we will refund up to 50% of the unused amount.

Question: How can I buy your service?
Answer: You can courier a cheque to us or remit funds via electronic transfer directly to our bank account. Please send us an email after that and we will confirm once the payment is received.

Question: What is the process of making my utility (Electric/Water) bill?
Answer: You can courier a cheque to us (not on our name but in favour of your utility company). Alternatively you can remit amount to us and we will issue a check from our account in favour of your utility company.

Question: What documents do you need from me?
Answer: These documents can be scanned and sent to us via email or sent by courier. Please sign on each page.
1) A proof that he property belongs to you ( A copy of sale deed or a recent electric bill or a recent property tax receipt).
2) One ID proof (copy of your DL / Voter ID card / Aadhaar card etc..). All your information is kept strictly confidential.
3) An authorization letter that permits us to provide property management services to you. (standard format, we will email it after talking to you).