About PropMac

The company is managed by Experienced and Educated Professionals like IT Professionals who spent over a decade in USA working for top notch Global IT Companies, Management Professionals, Chartered Accountants having experience in the field of Real Estate and won several awards and accolades in their respective Domains. Presently, we have two fully functional offices in Gurgaon and Noida.

The thought of founding a company which exclusively manages the Properties and Investments of large number of Investors and Professionals who invested their hard earned Incomes in Real Estate came from the fact that we ourselves as Investors felt the need of such a service provider and found that there is no such Professionally managed company. To fill this huge vacuum, we started PropMac and received tremendous initial response. Today we manage over 50 Such Properties in a short span of  21 Months. Our clients are Indians living out of India, Professionals invested in Delhi-NCR Properties moved to other cities and also Investors in Delhi-NCR who could never find time to track actual development of their Properties.