• Full-Service Property Management

    PropMac is an independent full-service property management company specializing in inspection and servicing of apartments, office and villas. Serving Gurgaon, New Delhi and Noida.
  • Located in Delhi NCR Region

    Our offices are strategically located in Noida & Gurgaon. Our fully trained staff relieves you from the day-to-day hassles of inspecting properties and estimating growth prospects for MAXIMUM RETURN on your investment.
  • Simple & Straightforward Services

    Our packages are very straightforward and there are absolutely no hidden charges. Services include sending you property pictures/videos and a home inspection report.
  • Additional Services – One Stop Virtual Assistance

    Besides property management, we offer several pay-per-visit services like – Deposit your Electric bill, Utility bills, Renew AMC,  RWA bill, Cheque collection & delivery. Buying and Selling of property. We can act like your personal secretary for a wide variety of services.

What we do?

There is no doubt that Real Estate has been the most lucrative investment in the last 2 decades. People have heavily invested in Flats, Plots, Villas and Retail space especially in the Delhi NCR region because this area has given the best returns in North India. But if your property is left unattended or unmanaged it can easily become prey to land grabbers, theft or be misused by someone. Relying on friends or extended family to be a caretaker of your property almost never works. This is where we come in, for a fraction of cost (0.1% to 0.5% of your property value), we take care of the property on your behalf. Our offices are located in Noida and Gurgaon.

Why PropMac ??

Many people have invested in the real estate in Delhi-NCR and a large number of people are unable to  personally visit their investments on regular basis – This may lead to your  holding of the property even if the construction is slow. What if the overall development of the area, road infrastructure around the project is seriously lagging behind or not moving at all. If you are regularly updated of all these scenarios, you may like to put your property for sale and exit the project. On the other hand, you may want hold on to the property, in case the development is great and there is a potential of a good ROI in near term.

To Maximise your ROI – By regularly tracking the construction / development of your property will assist in making a sensible decision to Sell or Hold the property instead of purely relying on what others say.

To Maximise your ROI – By tracking development of the infrastructure  (road connectivity, metro updates etc) and status of other projects  in the area where you have invested will again assist you on making the right decision to Sell or Hold the property.

For an Existing Property – (applies to both Rented or Vacant properties) – Sometimes selling may be a good option after a while – ex: Your existing building starts to deplete. In such cases it is better to exit from this one and move on to another newer project.

A regular update of your investment with pictures and / videos is definitely assuring and helps you take crucial decisions based on facts rather than the hearsay.

• Apart from this, we also offer our additional services which help you to avoid taking favours from friends or friends of relatives (which you obviously wish to avoid).

• Statement of accounts, Allotment letter coordination, Property agreement , Check deposit or any other coordination required with the developer for under construction property or ready for possession properties, on owners behalf.

Our services include

A well trained PropMac representative will visit your flat/villa/office/under construction property and fill out our exclusive property inspection report. This includes things like visible damage to your place or how well your tenants have kept the place.

They will make a short video of the property to give you a real life like experience. If video clip is not possible we will click a few photos instead and send you.

We can also provide construction updates if your building is being built. This helps to crosscheck if your builder is sending genuine construction-linked demand updates or is he trying to cheat on you.

 Not just your property, our representative will take a short walk around your property. We will provide any noticeable developments in the area. This can be really helpful in making buy/sell decisions regarding your property. If you need an real estate investment advice, we have experts on the panel just for that.

We can deposit your bills like electricity bill, water bill, society fees, annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) or even collect your rental cheque and drop off in your bank.

Now here comes the best part – Outsource your work to is using our Pay-Per-Visit service. We can collect cheques, do additional inspections of their property, deliver gifts to your dear ones, may be help you to furnish your apartment and do other back-office tasks.

NRI’s and people living outside Delhi NCR can take the maximum benefit of our service. A single trip to check-out your property will likely cost you far more than our annual service fee which includes multiple inspections. This makes our service extremely cost effective for you.

Even those residents living close to Gurgaon, Noida and New Delhi can benefit because they won’t have to take time out of their busy schedule and travel all the way to inspect your property, in other words outsource your worries to us and spend time on things you like. All information is available to you on the click of a button.

Furthermore if you ever need to buy a new property, our reliable and responsive partners can help you to find a great property in the Delhi NCR region and Bangalore at the best price. By dealing with only Grade A builders, the purpose is to help you invest in a Flat/Villa/Commercial space that has the potential for an excellent return on your investment.

    What does the word PropMac stand for?

Property Management Company

If you any questions, do not hesitate to call/email us.


Sample Videos:

Visiting a ‘near’ ready to move-in flat
Inspecting a vacant plot

Our Packages

Depending on your requirement we have a variety of packages:

 Silver Plan – Best suited for rented out and under construction units
 Gold Plan  – Owner visits rarely or simply kept empty for future appreciation.
 Platinum Plan – Empty units and owner is trying to rent them out.
 Plot Plan – Empty plots kept for future use or as an investment.
Pay Per Visit – Unplanned visits, special requests, random tasks



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Mr. Ashish

Heading IT of a Large Global IT Giant

I recently subscribed to this service and got first update. Finding it helpful to keepa  track of my Investments


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